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Beyond Movies Makes Learning English Fun!


Movies have become a central part of our lives. In Beyond Movies: Hollywood English and Global Film Culture you will learn more deeply about movies and examine them from a variety of perspectives.


Part 1: Introduction to Film Studies 

Part one gives an overview of film history and film studies. There is also a look at the most common movie genres, character types and story types (plots). This section gives students a foundation of knowledge from which to begin to analyze films more deeply. They will also begin to develop their creative abilities through the thinking, speaking and writing tasks in each unit.


Part 2: Characters & Genres 

This part delves deeper into the common character types and movie genres that are seen in films today. From The Perfect Hero (at left) to the Girl Next Door and the Bumbling Sidekick, this section explores the diversity of characters in more detail. As students progress through the chapters, they will develop an ability to identify the types of characters and genres they see in their favorite films.


Part 3: International Movie History & Culture 

This section explores global film culture, looking at the places in the world with traditionally strong film production and box office results. There is also an exploration of some of the developing markets in the film world. While the film industry was first developed in Europe and North America, many do not know that Asia’s film industry began only a few years later. Students also have the option of creating a movie with their classmates during the course. Finally, they will learn about the film festivals and film schools around the world where they can expand their knowledge and skills further.



Experienced Teachers 

The authors bring a combined experience of over 50 years of working with English language learners in English and Media Studies programs throughout Asia.  


Innovative Approach 

The materials and activities in Beyond Movies have been used and refined over several years. The lessons offer a variety of engaging topics and activities that will bring students English language to the next level.


Test Prep Benefits 

In addition to providing lessons in film studies, this course book provides students with tasks that are similar to those found on the IELTS and TOEFL exams. Thus even strictly exam-motivated students will find that the activities will challenge them and help them to improve the English writing and speaking skills needed for exam success.

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