Part 1: Introduction to Film Studies

This section has five chapters that gives an overview of the development of film history and Film Studies from the film industry’s early days in the late nineteenth century up to today. There is also a look at the most common movie genres, character types and story types (plots). This section of the book will give students a good foundation of knowledge from which to begin to analyze films more deeply. They will also begin to awaken their creative abilities through the thinking, speaking and writing tasks in each unit.

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Part 2: Characters & Genres

This section has six chapters that have much deeper explanations of the various character types and movie genres that are commonly seen in films today. From The Perfect Hero (above) to the bumbling sidekick, this section explores the diversity of characters in today's movies. As students progress through the chapters, they will develop an ability to identify the types of characters and genres they see in their favorite films.

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Part 3: International Movie History & Culture

This section has four chapters and explores global film culture, looking at the traditionally strong film production and viewing markets as well as some of the developing markets in the film world. As the film industry was first developed in Europe and North America it is natural that these areas have long been strong in film production as well as viewership at movie theaters. However, many do not know that the film industry in
Asia launched only a few years after it began in Europe and North America.

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Beyond Movies Makes Learning English Fun!

Movies have become a central part of our lives, with movie watching a main form of entertainment and leisure for people of all ages and all backgrounds around the world. The movie theater has been an entertainment destination for decades but today we can enjoy films with the click of a button on our computers, tablets and cell phones. Instantly we can escape into fantasy lands or comedic delights and enjoy a couple of hours of fun and relaxation away from our busy lives.
In Beyond Movies: Hollywood English and Global Film Culture you will learn more deeply about movies and examine them from a variety of analytical perspectives. We begin with an overview of
film history and Film Studies to see how the global film industry has gotten to where it is today.
Then there is a detailed overview of character types, movie types (genre) and story types (plot), followed by an examination of some of the leading and emerging global film industry centers. We also
look at the film industry from a business perspective to see what kind of movies have been the engines that are driving film profits around the world.
Many students of English have watched movies in a casual way to further their understanding of the English language and broaden their fluency in the culture of English speaking lands. Students of
film watch movies for a different reason, to better understand the art of film production and storytelling.
In Beyond Movies we combine both of these lines of study into one book. In every chapter there are English language skill development tasks as well as overviews of the ways to study and analyze film. There are also critical thinking tasks and self-reflective activities on a variety of topics to help students get an understanding of their own movie tastes and entertainment preferences. Many of these tasks and topics are similar to ones that students will face on exams
such as the IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC or CET. Finally, students are challenged to develop story and character ideas as part of a step-by-step process towards the development of a movie project.
While this textbook was designed for classroom use, students with an interest in Film Studies will find this a great introduction to the world of film while at the same time honing their English skills. The
language tasks can be adapted for use in multi-level classrooms, however students at the intermediate and advanced levels of proficiency in English will be better equipped to handle the vocabulary level. This book could also serve as an introductory textbook to Film Studies for native English speaking or near-native speaking students at the high school or university level.

Beyond Movies: Hollywood English & Global Film Culture. Book cover (3D)
Beyond Movies: Hollywood English & Global Film Culture

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